How to change the product:
  • 01.Fill out the return form:

    Please fill in the form below.
  • 02.Place the article and the form in the box:

    Place the completed article and form in a pack. If possible, also attach a copy of the invoice. You can use the original packaging where you received the order or another carton, provided it is not damaged. If you use the original packaging, empty it and place only the item you intend to return. If the box has any labels, stickers or other materials from previous shipments, remove them. Close the box and seal it with tape.
  • 03.Collection of the article

    The transport company will go through the indicated address to make the collection. (The collections are not made on holidays and weekends).

    NOTE: Costs associated with transportation are at the expense of Flavio Brandao Brand.
    If the product to be exchanged has a higher value than the previous order, Flavio Brandao Brand will contact you, via e-mail, with the necessary information.